French Revolution

By dstoyak
  • End of American Revolution

    End of American Revolution
    There were lot's of French soldiers in the 13 British colonies fighting for the rights of the colonists and when they got back they realized that they had fought for equality in the United States but they did not have it in their own country. So they started spreading revolutionary ideas.
  • Estates General

    The Estates General is summoned by Louis
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    Louis orders the Third Estate to be locked out of the voting room. Angry and a little inspired the Third Estates forms it's own assembly and everybody takes the Tennis Court Oath "not to separate, and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the kingdom is established". Only one person does not take the oath.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    Looking for ammunition and gunpowder for their anti-royalist efforts the revolutionaries storm the Bastille. After successfully taking it over and executing it's governor the rebels tore the Bastille down with their hands and sold the bricks as souvenirs. This event marked the beginning of the rebellion.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

    Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
    Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen says that all three estates are equal and have the same rights. The document abolishes all titles and says that their will only be one title-"Citizen".
    It gives all men the freedom of speech. Women and Black people did not apply to this article, but they later had their own declaration.
  • March On Versailles

    March On Versailles
    Rumours of Louis stepping on the new French flag are heard through the streets of Paris and that Mary Antoinette is hoarding grain. Women march to the Palace of Versailles to demand bread and bring the royal family back to Paris.
  • Flight to Varennes

    Flight to Varennes
    The Royal family tries to flee Paris to Montmédy(A royalist stronghold and get foreign aid. Unfortunately their attempt is foiled when a worker at the post office in Varennes recognizes Louis face from a coin. After the Royals attempt to flee fails the French people feel like they are betrayed and the revolutionaries confine them to the Tuileries Palace. The failed attempt to flee severly undermined the kings credability.
  • France Declares War on Austria

    The French Army lacked organization and discipline. The Austrian army, led by the Duke of Brunswick, quickly crossed the frontier. Brunswick told the French to release the royal family immediately, otherwise he would raze Paris. This angered the French and they managed to push the Austrians back and win the war.
  • Execution of Louis

    Execution of Louis
    Louis is executed. I believe this is the symbolic end of the revolution. His execution was necessary because otherwise there would always be a chance that he would try to gain back his thrown or re-establish a monarchy.
  • Death of Jean-Paul Marat

    Death of Jean-Paul Marat
    A young Girondin supporter, Charlotte Corday, gets into Marat's room and stabs him to death in his bath tub
  • Execution of Marie Antoinette

    Execution of Marie Antoinette