French revolution pic.

French Revolution

  • French Revolution Begins

    French Revolution Begins
  • The Tennis Court Oath

    The Tennis Court Oath
    On June 17, 1789, The Tennis Court Oath was sworn. This was the agreement that the Constitution would be created. It is called the Tennis Court Oath because once the officials arrived at their meeting place they found that the doors were locked and then proceeded to a nearby tennis court to finish what they came to do.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    About 900 partisans gathered in the courtyard of the Bastille- an old fortress, used a a prison and armory.
  • "Declaration of the Rights of Man"

    The National Assembly adopted the "Declaration of the Rights of Man."
  • Constitution of 1791

    Constitution of 1791
    The National Assembly set up a limited monarchy in the Constitution of 1791.
  • King Louis XVI Executed

    King Louis XVI Executed
  • Reign of Terror Begins

    Reign of Terror Begins
  • Revolutionary Calendar Introduced

    Revolutionary Calendar Introduced
  • Innocent Citizens Executed

    Innocent Citizens Executed
    In October 1793, 1880 citizens of Lyon were executed as an example to enemies of The Revolution.
  • Law of 22 Prairial

    The Law of 22 gives Robespierre more power and the French army end the threat of foreign invasions.
  • Robespierr's Execution

    Robespierr's Execution
    In July of 1794, the Committee of Public Safety safely orders Robespierr's execution.
  • Release of Prisoners Begins

    Release of Prisoners Begins
    In August of 1794, Law 22 of Prairial was repealed and the release of prisoners began.
  • The Directory (1795-1799)

    Under the new Constitution, the executive was a committee of five called the Directory.
  • Napoleon Leads Coup D'etat

    Napoleon Leads Coup D'etat
    In 1799, Napoleon successfully leads Coup D'etat and in ends up toppling the French Government
  • Napoleon Invades Russia

    Napoleon Invades Russia
  • Napoleon Defeated

    Napoleon Defeated
    In 1815, Napoleon was finally defeated at the battle of Waterloo.