French Revolution

  • Storming Of The Bastille

    The storming of the Bastille was when a group of angry peasents stormed the prison which held a group of political prisoners. The protesters were tired of high food prices.
  • Women March on Versailles

    Women, mad at the high prices of food, gathered at parisian markets. When the city officials did nothing to help them they marched to Versaille and stormed it. They killed many guards and forced the king to relocate to Paris. This legitamized the National Assembly
  • Execution of Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette is executed
  • Escape to Montmédy

    King Louis and his wife were promised refuge at a fortified camp in Montmédy France. They left in the night dressed as servants, while the actual servants pretended to be them. While on their way the King was recognized at a checkpoint and the family was taken back to paris under armed guard.
  • Execution of Louis XVI

    Louis was determined to be guilty of treason. They figured this to be for the Prussian Armies threatened to invade France, if the Monarchy was not reinstated. They considered this conspiring with the enemy, or treason. 361 wanted him to be executed, while only 288 voted against. King Louis XVI was then executed.