French revolution

  • The Royal Escape

    In the defeat of the Battle of Worcester, Charles 2nd escaped to scotland after leaving France. This was a battle that decided Englands furture.
  • Great fear

    Peasants were on a rage june through August. They were enraged about the feudal documents. The great fear spread quickly
  • Tennis Court Oath

    This was when all the people wanting reforms in the goverment came together with the rest of the people to disccus the reforms. They got to the building and found it locked. This angered the Third estate and they preached about reforming the goverement.
  • Fall of Bastille

    This was inspired by the tennis court oath. People started riots and causing chaos in the city.
  • The Declaration of the Rights of Man

    The National Assembly had set out in a declaration the changed rights that the people are going to have once they change the goverement.
  • Women march on Versailles

    A riot of women on a rampage because of the increase price on bread, Bread was the main source of the Frnch diet and once the proce increased many people had to resort to drastic measures,
  • Civil Constitution of Clergy

    This was the oath that many catholic bishops had to take. It was made to know that they didnt have all the power. It was always a struggle in France over religion.
  • The Constitution of 1791

    This was the rules of the new goverment that was now in France. It was to establish social equlity amongst all men.
  • Declaration of Pilnitz

    France had alot of people that they wanted the other European counrties to know.
  • Execution of Monarch

    The French Revolution was in looking bad people were killing everyone. King louis the 14 got his power taken away then embrassed and got his head chopped off.
  • Reign of Terror

    This was supposed to scare the people that were out against the national assembly, they were the ones looking back at the old ways. They would be punished.
  • Creation of National Convention

    Once the French Revolution was happening The National Convention was the group of people that had to creat the constitution that would over throw the monarchy.
  • The Directory

    These were five men that contorled the country and they were elected by the people. It worked fine until the directors themselves plotted against the others. Napoleon, Paul Barras, and Abe sieyes were the Consault.
  • Concordat of 1801

    When Napoleon was emperor he brought back the Roman Catholic church to France. Most of the people of France were catholic and he wanted support of the large majority.
  • Coronation of a Emperor

    After 6 years of not having a king Napoleon takes action into his own hands and has a large ceremony to make himself emperor.
  • Battle of Trafalgar

    Great navel ship that was in the Napolenic wars.
  • Battle of Austerlitz

    One of Napoleons battles when trying to conquer europe.
  • Invasion of Spain

    This war was not a very succesful war on Napoleons part. This was the first time that the spaniards used guerrila warfare.
  • Exile to Elba

    After trying to conquer over Russia and failed, many people were unsure of his abilities and going into war with them sacrificed alot of French soliders.
  • Congress of Vienna

    The was the meeting to help remake Europe after the downfall of Napoleon.
  • Battle of Waterloo

    After the horrible defeat against Russia Napoleon was forced to exile. He lived on Elba. He conviced his army to escape Elba and he came back to rule agian. This was a bad idea. After fighting the people he got banished again.