French Revolution


    Napoleon overthrows the Directory
  • Eve of Revolution

    Rumors spread about factory owner cutting wages, enraged owners vandalized the owners home.
  • Ancien Regime

    France is divided into 3 estates. The First Estate which was the clergy. The Second Estate which was the nobility and the Third Estate which was the vast majority of the population
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Delegates of the Third Estate create the Tennis Court Oath in Versailles
  • Desmoulins

    Desmoulins incited a crowd at the Palais Royal, a famous meeting place
  • Seige of the Bastille

    Rumors were going around that the Bastille which was a hug dungeon stored weapons. The crowd demanded weapons and gunpowder, the commander refused, the crowd tried to break in. Eventually they broke in, but they didn't find any weapons.
  • Political Clubs

    Political clubs established in Paris
  • Women March to Versailles

    Women are angry and tired of not having bread, they march to Versaille and were really angry towards Marie Antoinette. The women refused to leave until the king agreed to return to Paris.
  • National Assembly

    National Assembly produces the Constitution of 1791
  • Angry Mob

    Mob invades the Tuileries palace after meeting at City Hall
  • Period: to

    Reign of Terror

    The Guillotine is used and invented by Dr. Joseph Guillotin many people are put to death. Suspects who were claim to resist the revolution were killed. In the end Joseph Guillotin is put to death. King and Queen of France are executed
  • Period: to

    Age Of Napoleon

    Yes the dates are the same, but this was the reign of Napoleon

    Napoleon crowns himself emperor of France
  • Russia

    Napoleon Invades Russia
  • Period: to

    Congress of Vienna

    Restoring stability and order in Europe
  • Defeat

    Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo