French Revolution

  • The Palace at Versaille is Built

    The Palace at Versaille is Built
    Built in 1661. The Versailles Court was a center of political power. Louis XIV was King. The Palace of Versailles represents absolute monarchy.
  • King Louis XVI Marries

    King Louis XVI Marries
    Louis XVI married Marie Antoinette. She was also know as Madame Deficit for all of her extravagant spending. Marie and Louisdidn't have very much political power. Marie was overpowering and controlling of Louis.
  • Louis calls the first meeting of the Estates-General in 175 years

    Louis calls the first meeting of the Estates-General in 175 years
    The estates assumed power of the government. The point was to get to the matter of taxes. The Third Estate became only a symbol. They no longer had any power.
  • Decleration of the Rights of Man

    Decleration of the Rights of Man
    The Rights of Man were supposed to be universal rules. They were to be used everywhere, all the time. There are 17 "Rights". THe first one is, "Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. Social distinctions may be founded only upon the general good."
  • Tennis Courth Oath

    Tennis Courth Oath
    The Tennis Court Oath happened when people were shut out of the court. These people were part of the Third Estate. THey called themselves the National Assembly. They vowed not to gve up until they had a constitution.
  • Paris storms the Bastille

    Paris storms the Bastille
    The Bastille was a prison. France was facing economic crisis. The storming was the third major event in the Revolution. The middle class formed at the National guard. That astormed the Bastille, and there were 98 deaths.
  • Guillotine is introduced

    Guillotine is introduced
    The guillotine was a form of execution. It had an angle blade that dropped down and decapitated th person. A rope is used to make the blade drop. It was a symbol of the Reign of Terror.
  • Robespierre

    Robespierre was elected to the Committee of Public Safety in 1793. All members of the committee were considered equal. He thought the Terror was neccisary. His supporters called him "The Incorruptable".
  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette
    Marie became the "Widow Capet". She became depressed. She wouldn't eat or do anything. Her most imfamous charge is sexually abusing her son. Marie Antoinette was sentenced to death by the Guillotine.
  • Robspierre cont.

    Robspierre cont.
    Robspierre waited for execution on a table. This table was in a room for the Committee of public saftey. His last recorded words were "Thank you sir." He was executed. His brother and a few other people were also executed that day.