French Revolution

  • Independance from monarchy

    1)France was poor
    2) People starving
    4) Convocation of the estates general
    This all come to the National Assembly
  • Tennis Court Oath

    The citizens will keep meeting, restore public order, and draft constitution
  • Bastille Stormed

    The citizens stormed the Bastille for weapons and gun powder
  • Declaration of Rights of Man and the citizen

    All men were equal before the law
  • Marie holds grain

    Women attack Versailles for Marie and her holding grain
  • Marie and Louis Arrest

    They were held in arrest at Paris
  • Marie and Louis run

    The couple gets caught running away from Paris dressed as servants. They were caught and almost lost their rule as King and Queen
  • France war on Austria

    France delcares war on Austria because
    1) the gov. was out of money
    2) financialy France needed to barabde a country in order to gain food and money
  • Jacobins storm

    Jacobins storm Tuliris and imprison the King
  • Republic

    National assembly declares a republic. 1400 people were executed by the Jacobins who went against the revolution.
  • Jacobins

    A meeting was met and the most radical form of citizens knowns as the Jacobins set out a new order for a Republic
  • Statement of Valmay

    A new consititution was proclaimed which created a full republic
  • Louis XVI killed

    Louis was finally killed by guilitine
  • Robespierrre arrested

    the guillotine was created for his death from the meetings and riots that weres caused for the new order of a republic