French Revolution

  • The beginning of the Revolution

    The citizens attacked the Versailles Palace because while they were starving the King and Queen were having parties.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    The gathering of people who couldn't get in the meeting room of the versailles palace were they estabilished a new constitution.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    People attacked the jail in Paris which they burned down and took away weapons.
  • Women's march

  • National Assembly renounces involvement in wars of conquest.

  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy

  • Louis XVI forced to return to Paris

  • Champ de Mars

    People started to take signatures against the king and against the government.
  • Declaration of Pillnitz

    It declaration of support that is on the side of King Louis XVI of France against the French Revolution by the Holy Roman Empire and of Prussia.
  • French->Austria

    French attacks Austria.
  • Brunswick Manifesto

    Prussia attacks France because they want the King back on throne.
  • Starming Tuileris

  • King Louis XVI and his family was arrested.

  • Stalemate at Valmy

  • New Constitution: Republic

  • Louis XVI is executed

  • French->Britain and Dutch

    War aginst Britain and Dutch.
  • Committee of Public safety

  • Robespierre elected to Committee of Public Safety

  • Levee en masse

  • Start of Reign of Terror.

  • Robespierre gets executed and its the end of the Committee of Public safety.

  • Bonaparte Napolleon