French Revolution

  • Unrest Explodes

    A rumor breaks out in a PAris Wallpaper Factory where it said the owner was going to lower pay even though bread prices were rising. Enraged workers vandalized home.
  • The Tennis Court Oath

    The Tennis Court Oath
    Delegates of the Third Estate take the Tennis Court Oath in Versailles. They said "Never to seperate and to meet wherever the circumstances might require until we have established a sound and just consitution."
  • Palais Royal

    Palais Royal
    Desmoulins incites a crowd at the Palais Royal, a famous meeting place.
  • Parisians Storm the Bastille

    Parisians Storm the Bastille
    800 prisoners assembled outside the Bastille, a grim midieval fortress used as a prison for political and other prisoners.
  • Meeting At City Hall

    Meeting At City Hall
    Crowd meets at City Hall, the traditional protest place, before storming the Bastille
  • Woman march in Versailles

    Woman march in Versailles
    About 6,000 women marched 13 miles from Paris to Versailles in the rain. The women would not leave until the king would meet their important demand, to return to Paris. The royal family then moved to Tuileries palace in Paris.
  • National Assembly produces the Constitution

    National Assembly produces the Constitution
    The National Assembly achieves their goal, creating a constitution. The Constitution of 1791 set up a limited monarchy in place of the absolute monarchy which had ruled France for centuries.
  • Mob invades the Tuileries Palace

    Radicals held upper power in the Legislative Assembly. They declared war first on Austria and then on Prussia, Britainm and other states.