French Revolution

  • Estates General Is Called

    It was a meeting of the 3 estates to approve new taxes b/c of financial crisis. Met at Versailles with 300 representativs from each estate. it was the first meeting since 1614.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    The national assembly met in the tennis courts and took an oath not to dismiss until they have written a new constituion for France
  • Bastille Day

    French Independence day. The stroming of the Bastille was a symbol of political oppression. The Mob wanted gunpowder.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man

    It was pasdsed by the National Constitutional Assembly and based on a sovreign nation and general will.
  • Civil Constituion of the Clergy

    It was created to raise money and ended special privleges of the clergy. It created a new church structure with the government paying salaries, all church land was seized and abolished monastaries.
  • Trial and Death of Louis XVI

    Louis XVI tried leaving the country in june of 1791, but was stopped at Varennes. He was returned to Paris and put under house arrest.
    In August 1791, the declaration of Pillnik was issued by Austria and Prussia. It said if Louis was harmed, they would wage war with France.
    He was beheaded January 21, 1793.
  • End of Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror lasted from 1758-1794 under Maxamillion Robespierre. He lead the Jacobins. He was an extreme radical. In June 1793, the commitee of public safety targets enemies of Revolution. Marat was an ally of Robespierre, he was assassinated by Charolette Corday in July 1793.
  • 9th of Thermidor

    Max is beheaded. Constitution of 1793 established the directory.
    Directory: ended radical reforms (Price controls and Reign of Terror). Kept power by force (riots, brought in troops).