French Revolution

  • Estates General is Called

    There were 2 estates and a third wanted to be added so they came togeher to form the National Assembly of France
  • Tennis Court Oath

    A vow at the tennis courts that pledged not to disband unitll they have written a constitution
  • Dec of Rights of Man

    The French people wanted freedom from the overpowering rulers, and they came up with the bill of rights
  • Bastille Day

    The French people rushed to Bastille to find ammo and weapons to defend themelves against the kings army
  • Civil Constitution of the Clergy

    The Clergy destroyed the hierachical autonomy of the church, and priestly protests that one way or another it must give its consent to any such changes
  • Reign of Terror

    The Reign was from 1793 through 1794 and the violence between the Girodins and the Jacobins that was marked by mass executions of "eniemies of the Revolution."
  • 9th of Thermidor

    Often believed the end of the revolution but was not. The terror ended but none of the problems were solved.
  • Trial and death of Louis XVI

    King Louis was put on trial the 3rd and 26th of december and was killed june 8th