French revolution

French Revolution

  • Meeting of the Estates General

    Meeting of the Estates General
    The nobles wanted to meet with the estates general.It's been 175 years since they last met.It was made up of the three estate to approve a new taxes on the three estate.King louis agreed to meet with estate general. the first estate and second voted together to out vote the three estate because of the enlinghtenment the third estate wanted to change the voting process. they felt important for once.June 17th, 1789 the third estate announce themselves a legislature to have the right to make laws.
  • Creation of the National Convention

    Creation of the National Convention
    There was a downward spiral in the economic in the late 1700's louis xvi brought in a financial advisors to renew the weakened french treasury. thing needed to changes in france. King realized that this tax problem really needed to be address so he pointed a new controller general of financial charles de calone, in 1783.
  • Creation of the National Assembly

    Creation of the National Assembly
    king louis take action, by locking the third estate out of the meeting. the third estate met in an indoor tennis court.They wouldn't leave the court until they had written a constitution france. At the end king louis let them all have a vote. It was important because everyone had a say.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    National assembly feared that the king would use violence to end their meetings.The king through people in prison if they spoke out against the monarchy.In the batille prison mob's tried to negotiate with bastille's commander for weapons, but that didn't work. prison guard's gave the mob fire and went into the prison. the mob killed the commanderand take the head and put it on a stick on walked through the street with it. This was a symbol of the french Revolution.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

    Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
    In August 1789 the national assembly eliminated the feudal dues and services that the peasants owned the landowner. liberty, equality, fraternity are the principles of the french revolution. the document stated that all men are born equal and remain equal before the law like the U.S bill of rights, the declaration guaranteed freedom of speech, the press, and religon but these right were not for woman. Olympe De Gouges a famous paris playwright wrote laws foe woman but get turned down.
  • Execution of the King

    Execution of the King
    King louis xvl was overwhelmed by the events that happen in france in that year under his control. He nearly went bankrupted,The economy want bad unemployment was up 50%, crops failed, the price of food want up.To make matters worse louis married Marie Antonette that made the french made the harted was targeted at Marie because they throught she was the problem.The king was excuted on january 21, 1793.They excuted his wife Marie Antonette oct.16. 1793.
  • Reign of Terror

    Reign of Terror
    To get rid of enemies of the Revolution and protect the country from foreign invaders. france was operated under the committee's public safety.Danton was a good speaker then robespierre was ambitious and believed in the work of Rousseau, who argued that men who are born good but and are corrupted by society. It was those beliefs that caused him to continue the Terror even when it was no longer necessary.
  • Coup d' e'tat

    Coup d' e'tat
    Napoleon had armed supporters surround the directory legislature and force members to turn the government over to him. Member's of the consul voted napoleon on the 1st consul. the structure of the republic was the same, napoleon became a dictator. the fench wanted what napoleon promised them in the first place. napoleon promised that take some of the revolutionary reforms.People would have to be willing to give up freedom then he bring peace, prosperity, and glory to france.