French rev politcal cartoon

French Revolution

  • Meeting of the Estates General

    Meeting of the Estates General
    The meeting was talked about in 1788. The Nobles got King Louis XVI to agree to it in Versallies so they sat for several weeks in May and June of 1789. This was to discuse the states financal crisis. They have not met for 175 years. They wrote a "notebook" called cahiers. The thried estate decleared that they wanted to be able to vote with the second and first estate. Some of them were soon to be in the National Assembly. The thired estate worte a constitution on June 17, 1789.
  • Creation of the National Assembly

    Creation of the National Assembly
    King Louis sent trops to Paris and Versailles incase he needed to perserve the monarchy by force. What the National Assembly do as an assembly was Ended Feudalism, Reorganized the church, Limited the monarchy. The 3rd estate proclaimed themsleves as the National Assembly. Members peared that the KIng would use violence to end their meeting which was called the tennis court oath. The people of Paris armed themselves.
  • Fall of Bastile

    Fall of Bastile
    First King Louis XVI took all the gun powder.King Louis XVI received word at Versailles that the Bastille had fallen in Paris to a mob that included both citizens and soldiers who went to Bastile a prison. They tried to play nice but things goy out of hand and commenders started firing.All commenders were killed. It was more than just symbol, the fall of the Bastille was the start of the French Revolution. King Louis XVI became replaced.
  • Declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen

    Declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen
    National Assembly issued this to declare that people were equal under the law. it stressed liberity, equality, and fraternity It did not fit for women.l The National Assembly pass it while a famous Paris playwriter, Olympe de Gouges wrote one for women National Assembly would not pass it.
  • Creation of the National Convention

    Creation of the National Convention
    The new legislature first acts were aolishing the monarchy and decleared France a republic. Instituded draft to increase size of their army. In power during Reign of Terror. This ended monarchy, proclaimed France a republic. Tried to excute King Louis XIV fot treason. Began codifying laws and creating public education system. Also wrote a new constitution, and created the diectory.
  • Execution of the King

    Execution of the King
    After six weeks of debate in the National Convention convened te king was placed on trial for treason. Louis marrying a foreigner; The Austrian Marie Antionette. Angeryed the people of France even more. The King was found guilty and killed. He was pushed into a place called the guillotine, a device that droped a sharph havey blade on your neck.
  • Reign of Terror pt-1

    Reign of Terror pt-1
    Begins when Robespierre declears Terror " the order of the day." Women forced to wear the Republics tricolored ribbon. Marie Antoinette put on trial shift in power from Danton to Robepierre. Revolutionary Calender introduced as part of revolutionary program of dechristianization. Year one with the declaration of republic begins in sep. 1792 Interrogation of Robesierre. Lasted alost two years . It took estimated 18,500-40,000 lives slavery is abolished in all of france colonis.
  • Reign of Terror pt-2

    Reign of Terror pt-2
    Two wage and price control law was passed. Marie was excuted by guillotine. The military danger from extemal forces decreases. Robespierre prestes one Festivasl of supreme begings The Reign of Terror ends with the fall of Robesierre changed him and his allies with crimes gains the Repulic.
  • Coup d'etat

    Coup d'etat
    "Stoke of State", The sudden overthrow of a government by force armed supporters of Napolean surrounded the Directory legislature and forced members to turn the government over to Napoleon. A group of three consululs menmbers voted Napoleon in charge. The structure of the republic was stil;l in place. Consulate, would replace the Directory as the government of France. Napoleon decame dictater.