French Revolution

  • Meeting of the Estates General

    Meeting of the Estates General
    First event of the revolution* . all estates approve new taxes . they wrote their issues in cahiers . 1st and 2nd estate usually voted together to outvote the 3rd estate . so this time they would vote seperately
  • Creation of ther National Assembly

    Creation of ther National Assembly
    -the king locked them out of their regular meeting so they met up at the tennis ourt
    -with the right to make laws for france.
    -ended feudalism and priviledge of the first and second estate.
    -wrote constitution that reduced the kings power.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Storming of the Bastille
    in the morning of july 14th a mob of Parisians went to the Bastille an ancient prison, looking for weapons. The bastille represented Royal authority in the centre of Paris . The Storming of the Bastille is a public holiday known as "fete de la federation"
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen

    Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen
    were passed by the National Asembly it laid out the basic principals of the revolution . It also reminded the citizens of their rights an duties . This and the Stormong of the Bastille were the 3rd event that led to the Revolution .
  • Women on strike

    Women on strike
    7,000 women marched to the Versaille in response to food crisis demamnding bread
  • Creation of the National Convention

    Creation of the National Convention
    -ended monarchy and proclaimed France a republic
    -tried and executed king Louis xvi for treason
    -instituted draft to increase size of army
    -abolished slavery in french colonies
    -drafting a new constitution
    -the first act was to established the frenh republic and take away all of the kings political powers
  • Execution of King Louis XVI

    Execution of King Louis XVI
    The king , his wife and his son had to be executed in order to prevent a return of the monarchy and to defend the Revolution from its enemies (Prussia and Austria) . Another reason why they executed him was because he was a bad leader and he led them to all these troubles .
  • Reign Of Terror

    Reign Of Terror
    the reign of terror started in september 5th 1793 and last till july 28th 1794. it created a wave throughout the whole country. the revolutionary leaders took drastic actions during the reign of terror because they wanted to avoid a possible counterrevolution, a revoluyion against a gov't that was established by a revolution. Vendee was the most resistant part of France to the revolution. anyone who oppose th revolution were targets of the revolutionary tribunal.
  • Reign Of Terror part 2

    Reign Of Terror part 2
    17,000 people were executed during the reign of terror. leaders like Georges-Jacques Danton and Maximiliem Robespierre were execute . Females like Mary Antoinette, and Olympe de Gouges also got executed. the group that got affected by the Terror were the peasants. they had a religion and thats why they were the most resistant to the revolution.