French Revolution

  • The commons stormed Bastille

    The commons stormed Bastille
    The king was being unfair and not cutting back on his own expenses to avoid rebellion. He even locked out the 3rd estate of a meeting of "The Estate general" because he only needed a 2/3 vote on resolving the country's financial issues.
  • Commns decide on king

    Commns decide on king
    National assembly decided to keep the king in power or not or a mix.
  • King arrested

    King arrested
    The king and queen were caaught escaping from france dressed as commons.t
  • King was killed!

    King was killed!
    The king was beheaded and Robespierre became the leader.
  • Robspierre was killed!

    Robspierre was killed!
    The people no longer wanted Robspierre so he was killed