French Revolution

  • Bastille Attack

    Bastille Attack
    Nobles win 2 to 1 against the 3rd Estate
    mad because they rep the nation 97%
    nobles and rich must lose privileges
    they refused and attacked prison Bastille on July 14, 1789
  • Louis XVI

    Louis XVI
    France begins to fall 1789
  • Rights of Man and of the Citizen

    Rights of Man and of the Citizen
    National Assembly made the “rights of man and of the citizen
    in 1789
  • Arguments among the King

    Arguments among the King
    arguments on whether the king should be kept or not
    and different ideas on ways to run the country best
  • Louis XVI Escape

    Louis XVI Escape
    Royal family tried to free the family in disguise
    but were discovered and put under a house arrest
  • Louis XVI Death

    Louis XVI loses his life from the guillotine
  • Robespierre Rise and Death

    Robespierre is the new leader after Louis XVI but also dies from the
    guillotine in 1794