French Revolution

Timeline created by colton wilson
  • Attack on Bastille

    Attack on Bastille
    The attack on bastille was the official start of the French Revolution. The attack was established because of the gun powder the fort held.
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  • Declaration of Mans Rights

    Declaration of Mans Rights
    The declaration of rigths of man was the declartion that the National Assembly made. The NAtional Assembly made it stating inalienable rights that should be given to man in france.
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  • bread March

    bread March
    The bread march is when all the women of Paris March to versailles. Soon after the women marched by a couple days many had joined the march.
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  • Causes of French Revoltuion

    Causes of French Revoltuion
    the date is not completely known of when the causes started. The main causes were the dispute between the social classes. The third class or people with no money were having to pay taxes and the ones that did have money did not.
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  • tennis court oath

    tennis court oath
    the tennis court oath was an oath that everyone in the national assembly had to take. It was called the tennis court oath because the national assemblys meeting place was in an indoor tennis court.
  • national assembly created

    national assembly created
    The third estate generals made up a thing they were all called called the national assembly. This name was changed alot through the french revolution but is mostly known as the national assembly.
  • Royal Escape

    Royal Escape
    The King and Queen tried to escape from the palace in paris. They left around midnight so they would not be caught. After about 6 miles they were caught.
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  • Monarchy goes from absolute to constitutional

    Monarchy goes from absolute to constitutional
    King louis is forced to sign the D.R.M. His power then goes from absolute monarchy to constitutional.
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  • Forced to move to Paris

    Forced to move to Paris
    After about two years of the French Revolution the king and Queen were forced to move to paris and be on house arrest. While on House arrest the National Assembly was forcing the king to sign laws.
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  • king louis death

    king louis death
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  • reign of terror

    reign of terror
    The Reign of terror was a 10 month time period of when the Third Class finally imprisoned the King and Queen. The king and Queen were forced to move to Paris and stay in the palace there.
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  • Marie Annotoinettes Death

    Marie Annotoinettes Death
    After the death of her husband Marie was imprisoned for another 8 months. She was sentenced to the guillotine and realized the wrong she had done to her country.
  • napolean starts to take over

    napolean starts to take over
    After the French Revoltuion ended Napolean statred to take his million man army into places in the eastern hempisphere and tried to take over the land. Napolean sucessfully did this in many places.
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  • results of french revolution

    results of french revolution
  • Bonaparte gets defeated

    Bonaparte gets defeated
    NApolean decides to try to conquer the land in russia. He sends his million men out and in the end he gets defeated by russia and only having a few hundred thousand men left.
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  • Bonaparte dies of stomach cancer

    Bonaparte dies of stomach cancer
    Bonaparte dies of stomach cancer after all his accomplishments with his army. He died as his father did.