French Revolution

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    French Revolution

  • Causes of the French Revoltution

    Causes of the French Revoltution
    The causes of the French Revolution were France was bankrupt, they had bad leadership, bad harvests, the eastate system was divided into 3 esates, the enlightenement, and france is out of money.
  • National Assembly Created

    National Assembly Created
    Representatives from 3 estates met at Versailles palace with King Louis 16, and each esate got an equal amount of votes, and the assembly was created.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    An oath created by the 3rd esate who were locked out of a meeting, and was going to make King Louis 16 sign the DMR
  • Attack on Bastille

    Attack on Bastille
    The attack on Bastille was being King Louis 16 was abusing his power as king, and they wanted a different goverenment, or something needed to be changed.
  • D.R.M

    The decleration rights of man was a document created by the national assembly, in a first step towards a constitution.
  • The Bread March

    The Bread March
    Thousands of women marched to Versailles and they were armed. They wanted food and for King Louis 16 to sign the D.R.M.
  • Bread March

    Bread March
    The Bread March was a women's march caused by th king rising the price of bread, and nobody was able to pay for bread, becuase they were using all their money to pay for taxes.
  • the Royal Escape

    the Royal Escape
    The royal escape is when King Louis !6 and his wife, Queen tried to esacpe from the angry mob that kidnapped them. They were caught on the border of Austraila and they were eventionally were killed.
  • Death of King Louis XVI.

    Death of King Louis XVI.
    King Louis 16 was killed by the Guillotine and exucuted with his wife, after they were kidnapped.
  • Reign Of Terror

    Reign Of Terror
    A period of violence, where thousands of people were killed, and thats when they created the Guillotine, and thats how they exucuted tons of people.
  • End of the French Revolution

    End of the French Revolution
    The French revoltuion was ended when the king was exucuted and then the french monarchy was taken over & had gotten a new governtment system.