French Revolution

  • The Old Regine

    Before the French Revolution the people were divided into three estates.

    1st Estate - Upper and Lower Clergy, did not pay taxes, and were about 3% of the population.
    2nd Estate - Nobles, privileged class, served as the ambassadors and advised the king.
    3rd Estate - Bourgeoisie (middle class) made up of lawyers, doctors and professors. Also, made up of city workers and peasants.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    The memebers of the 3rd Estate were locked out of the meeting hall and they moved to a nearby tennis court. King orders them to separate, but they refuse. King gives in and joins the group. Finally, King Louis decides to use force to crush the Assembly.
  • Storm of Bastille

    Parisian Citizens storm the Bastille, a prison that had many weapons, in Paris. The Parisian army was much greater than the French army and were fighting for something they wanted.
  • Execution of Louis XVI

    Louis tries to escape with his family to Austria. On the way there a guard recognizes him and reports him to the French government. Louis is then put to death, using the guillotine.
  • Reign Of Terror

    It was led by Robespierre. Ended because Robespierre was declared an outlaw which meant he didn't have to be tried in court. He got caught and was said to be guillotined facing up. During this time people opposing the Revolution were executed and tens of thousands were killed.