French revolution


  • louis 16 becoming king

    louis 16 becoming king
    King louis 16 was innitiated on April 19, 1770.
    He had only been 20 years old when he was known as the "king" of France.
    He wasn't ready to serve that duty or take over so young. His father had been the former king of France.His people didn't find him fit to be a king at such a young age.
  • kings birth

    kings birth
    his father was louis and his mother Marie-Josèphe of Saxony, He was the youngest of his other brother who his parents favored Louis, duc de Bourgogne
  • Marie Antoinette

    Marie Antoinette
    she was born in Vienna, Austria. her mother Maria Theresa. her father Francis 1. She had 14 other siblings.
  • king gets married

    king gets married
    -july 9.
    *king louis 16th gets married to marie antoinette
    king louis and Marie Antoinette get married.
    They get married on June 17, 1789.
    Maries's marriage was based on political terms.
    Since austria and France had problems, they sent Marie to mary their king to sort of "smooth" the conflict.
    they had three children together during their marriage.
  • kings first child

    kings first child
    didn't give day or month. However, her first child was her daughter Marie-Therese-Charlotte. She was her only daughter. She called her Mousseline for her pretty blonde appearance
  • Creation of the "National Assembly"

    Creation of the "National Assembly"
    -July 9
    The people of France did not like the king very well. The people who were not nobles or clergy or even aristocrafts had it rough. So they thought it was time to fend for themsleves.They came up with a group of leaders who would sort of "lead" them in getting the government they all wanted. And so this is how the "national assembly" came up.
  • Tennis court oath

    Tennis court oath
    The tennis court oath was a pledge signed by 576 of 577 people in the third estate who had been locked out of a meeting of the estates general. The tennis court is located in Saint-Louis distric of Versailles near the palace of versailles.
  • Attack of the Bastille

    Attack of the Bastille
    It had started at half past three. They were searching for gunpowder and their prisoners that the king had taken. The people were starving and angry with the king!The bastille had been prepared for the attack, not knowing it was going to be worse than inticipated. The people were furious and attacking anything in their way.
  • Creation of the "D.O.T.R.O.M"

    Creation of the "D.O.T.R.O.M"
    The creation of the D.O.T.R.O.M was on August 26,1789. It consisted of enlightenment ideas. Some right were life, liberty and property.
  • the guillotine.

    the guillotine.
    It was proposed by joseph-Ignace Guillotin,more than 15,000 people were beheaded at the guillotine.
    People were put up there for suspisions sometimes. Even if they didn't do anything.
  • Escape!

    The king and his family try to escape. They ended up taking their carrige which ended up getting them cought. The people who captured them were at checkpoints just in case of this occurance.
  • France Declares war!

    France Declares war!
    France declares war on Austria/Prussia. The reason is because Marie Antoinette while inprisoned, had been writing them letters and so slowly they had been attacking France. Also Britian joins against France as well.
  • Napoleon "french leader"

    Napoleon "french leader"
    Napoleon came into power on January 21, 1793. When he came into power France was turned into a dictatorship. The people were oddly okay with that. The people of France like Napoleon alot. They had gotten more right s then they did even after the kings death. He was great leader to them.
  • king louis 16/execution

    king louis 16/execution
    The king was executed on January 21,1793.The event occured at 8:00 am. All of the towns people of France were there to witness the death of their "unwanted trader". People yelled things at him as he took his last steps. They used the guillotine, and in instant, he was gone.
  • reign of terror

    reign of terror
    the reign of terror occured to protect its' country from foreign invaders. It was Robespierre who decided this event and it was to purge everyone who was corrupt during this time
  • victorious Napoleon

    victorious Napoleon
    Napoleon was always victorious. He never lost a battle no matter what.
    The people of France seen him as their" security".
    He had more troops then ANYONE had ever had back then.