French Revolution

  • Tennis Court Oath

    Reforms called for a meeting of all Estates together to hold a vote by head. The Third Estate was excited for this meeting. The Thrid Estate found it locked against them so they moved their meeting to an indoor tennis court.
  • National Assembly

    Appoints a committee of thirty emmbers to draft a consistution. Proclaims itself with full authourity and power to decree laws.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    Angry groups of people come at the Bastille. They did not approve of the weapons they had, It was the first public violent oppostion.
  • The Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen

    Inspired by the Declaration of Independence. Declared equalty and independence for all men. This did not include woman,
  • Flight to Varennes

    Royal Family tried to escape Frnace to Austria. Here they were promised a safe haven. Got caught a couple miles from the Austria border.
  • Champ de Mars Massacres

    People gathered to sign a petition for a republican constitution. National Guard was called in and 50 people were killed.
  • Republic is declared

    National Convention was set up, elected by male suffrage to provide a new constitution after depostion of the King. On September 22 France was proclamied a Republic.
  • King Louie is executed

    Louie was forced to reinstate France's National Assembly in 1788. He was put on trial in August of 1792. Executed by guillotine on January 21.
  • Committee of Public Safety

    Originally consisted of nine members. It became the real center of power in the country, In 1794, power in the government was restored to the convention.
  • The Reign of Terror

    Marie Antoinette was the first victim, she was imprisoned from her children after her seperation with Louie. Public executions were considered educational. Woman were encouraged to sit and knit during executions.