French Dates

  • Estates General

    The second estates forced Louis to call an assembly to get approval for the tax reform. The meeting took place at Versailles.
  • Creation of the National Assembly

    The estates voted to establish the National Assembly.
  • Bastille

    Citizens storm Bastille, a prison in Paris, for gunpowder. This event was revolutionary.
  • Preaching

    Noblemen made grand speeches, declaring their love of liberty and equality.
  • Adoption

    The National Assembly adopted a statement of revolutionary ideas called " A Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizen," commonly known as the Declaration of the Rights of Man.
  • Prussian Interference

    Prussia threatens to destroy Paris if king Louis is harmed
  • Rioters

    20,000 men and women invade Tuileries, the royal palace where Louis and the family were staying,
  • Republic

    The National Convention abolished the Monarchy and declared France a republic.
  • Execution

    The ex-king walked with calm dignity up the steps of the scaffold to be beheaded by a machine called the guillotine.
  • Beheaded

    The Reign of Terror, the radical phase of the revolution, ended when Maximilien Robespierre lost his head.
  • His Start

    Napolean is put in charge of the French Military.
  • Emperor

    Napolean is crowned emperor of France.
  • Russia vs. France

    Napoleans army clashes with the Russian army.
  • Moscow

    Napolean enters Moscow only to find it in flames.
  • Escape

    Napolean escapes from Elba and landed in France.
  • Waterloo

    Napolean attacks the British @ Waterloo.
  • Death

    Napolean Dies.