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Franz Joseph Haydn

By axb6613
  • Born in Rohrau, Austria

    Born in Rohrau, Austria
    I was born on 31st March, 1732. I liked to make some sweet an nice sounds , so, thats how I got used to the music.
  • Became Freelance Musician

    Became Freelance Musician
    On 1st January, 1749 I broke a common law, so, thats why I couldn't make more high notes .So, because of this, I had to let go from my job,and so I had spent 10 years as Freelance Musician
  • Became Kapellmeister

    Became Kapellmeister
    I became a kapellmeister for Count Karl von Morzin. Mr. Karl had to leave his hobbit because, he ran out of money.
  • Became Assisstance Kapellmeister

    Became Assisstance Kapellmeister
    When I was fired , so, then I was kept as assitance of Kapellmeister in a rich family which was called Eszterh`azy family
  • His 8th Opera

    His 8th Opera
    I really enjoyed my 8th opera when everyone appalauses!
  • Six String Quartets

    Six String Quartets
    When I released the peice I felt like this was my best and New style from any other peice.
  • My Humor

    My Humor
    I wrote this peice and named it ''the Bear'', I liked the peice because that peice was my second last peice in my favorite selections.
  • Died in Veinna

    Died in Veinna
    I died in the age of 77
  • Blessings

    Everyone missed me and prayed for me.