Frank Empire

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  • Period: 476 to 481

    After the fall of the Western Roman Empire

    As the Western Roman Empire's authority and power over Western Europe disappeared, the Germanic tribes could create their new states (kingdoms), which fought against eachother every now and then for further land
  • Period: 481 to 511

    Reign of Clovis

    In 481 Clovis from the Merovingian dynasty was made king of the franks after he unified them, founded Paris and became a Roman Catholic king having the pope's support, but after his reign the state was divided among his successors and anarchy took place.
  • 732

    Battle of Poitiers

    Battle of Poitiers
    Charles the Martell as major domo was able to stop the Arabian invasion at Poitiers, which also prohibited the spread of Islamic culture.
  • 756

    Birth of the Papal states

    Birth of the Papal states
    Pepin the Short (son of Charles), member of the Carolingian dynasty became a king from a major domo, and helped the pope to fight back the Lombards, and gaved the conquered territories to him - strengthening the relationship between the pope and the Frank Empire and creating the Papal States.
  • Period: 768 to 814

    Reign of Charlemagne

    Charlemagne wanted to restore the Roman Empire, and he succesfully fought with the Saxons, Avars and Lombards, he reorganized his empire administratively and brought the revival of learning and literacy.
  • 800

    Emperor of th Franks

    Emperor of th Franks
    Charles the Great (Charlamagne) became emperor by the anointing of the pope in Aachen.
  • 843

    Treaty of Verdun

    Treaty of Verdun
    After the death of Charlemagne Louis the Pious' weak reign lead to the Treaty of Verdun, where Charlemagne's three grandsons divided the empire into three parts.