flamekid397 life story

  • i found a dad who loves me

    he cares about me and watches out for texas he is my dad, hero
  • i was born

    my mom left me and my brother in the hospital. my cusin savannah's mom adopted me. she had a dad he was really nice.
  • my parents had a devorce

    he moved to overton texas and lived in a really big building
  • my gradpa died

    i was in the second grade
  • my dog black dog died

  • i join baseball

  • i went on my first cruise

    i went to cosmel mexico and i went ziplinnig
  • i had a birthday party at fastrack.

  • i had a suprise birthday at my dads

  • i went to reagular school for a long time, i am in the seventh grade

  • i went to fright fest at six flags over tx