Five Things

  • Music

    When i heard my mom singing that changed my life when i was singing the first time this what i said,and me about me and then when i was between
  • Cyclist

    I was a cyclist for 4 years and that changed my life now my uncle he is a professional cyclist because he has been one since the 19s and my mom to they were both and when my uncle told me if i wanted to try out i told him yes and he told me go race on the little kids and i said okay and then he started to teach me so now i will be a pro like my uncle.
  • Basketball

    When it was Christmas i went out side i saw a big box and it was a basket and so then when i was watching a basketball game i told myself i will become a professional basketball player and i told my mom i will be tall like them she said yes you will and so baketball changed my life.
  • Soccer

    Soccer changed because that was the first sport i was in but when i was in it i wanted to get out of the team because why waste money if we are losing every game that we play and our coach was to hard on us he was not nice but it was fun that was my first sport
  • Art

    Art changed me because when i went to the Getty Museum i saw all these art pictures and they were so cool that i wish i could draw one of those and the pictures were from a long time ago and it was a field trip and it took 5 hours to see all the art pictures.