Five Things

  • First Pet

    I like pets a lot. Pets have really changed my life. Pets have made me more responsible. They have also made me nicer by me being nice to my pets I can be learn to be nicer to other people. They also have made me more physically fit.These are some of the ways that pets have changed my life.
  • Started Liking Trains

    Trains affected my life by getting me into Thomas The Train. The reason that getting into a kid show like that is good because like all kid shows it's educational in some way. I probably learned some things from that show that I still used today but just don't know it. I liked trains so much I used to love going to this place that is like a train museum called Travel Town. I learned from trains there so I was able to get even more knowledge.These are some ways trains affected my life.
  • When I Starting Using Technology

    The way that technology effected me is making me smarter in the feild of computers a little bit. I loved using the computer for a cool educational game when I was young .It taught me spelling I think. Whenever I use technology it makes me smarter in some way usually. Now whenever I use a computer I know how to do a lot of cool stuff on it. I like to think of a computer as a great chance to make your work even more impressive as it normally is. That is how computers affected me.
  • Started MIxing

    Mixing juices, drinks, and more has changed my live by making me more creative. It makes me braver by actually trying the stuff I mix. I think that mixing has impacted me by being able to try new food in the future. Mixing has taught me that I can turn a bland tasteless thing into a tasty thing most of the time. These are the ways maixing has impacted my life.
  • Started Being Funny

    Being funny changed my life. People now know that they can joke around with me. I can now cheer up sad friends. I think I made a few good friends by being funny. I think that it might make a difference by opening up a job as a comedian to me. This is how being funny changed my life.