Five Things

  • Loving Cars

    I remember when I was five years old, my dad took me to target. And then we were walking at the aisle of toys. Then I saw the "HOTWEELS" brand and that meant there were cars. My dad always bought me cars when we went to target. Now I have a lot of them. My dream career is to become an engineer of cars, and an architect, but that's something else.
  • Soccer Practice

    That was my first soccer practice I ever had with my older brother and that team was named "Arsenal". It was a pretty tough time for me. And I remember those times I could'nt play so I had to watch him play. He played at Hansen dam at Balboa.
  • Getting Lego Star Wars On My Tenth Birthday!!!!

    I remember when it was my tenth birthday. And that day my brother, and my dad got me my first set of lego star wars. I was so excited. I didn't even know what they were. I sometimes use them right now, not as much as I used to before.
  • Getting My First DOMO!!

    I rembember that day I was walking by a store with my dad, then that image caught my eye. The DOMO'S head and cape was really cool. I was so excited to get it. Some I got at this Chinese store. Some at a machine. I have a mini DOMO collection.
  • Finding about Batman

    That day I was at my living room, then my brother came in and put batman. And I also found out about batman because I used to watch the movies and my friends house and my house. The new movie came out but I didn't see it. At least I have a little doll of him from Six Flags.