Five things

  • First yo-yo

    My first yo-yo occured in Mexico while we were walking around town and saw a dude selling them. I told my parents if I could have one and they said yes. So they bought me one and I needed a little help with it. My aprents showed me how to use it and I found out how to work it. This affected me becaause yo-yo using is addicting and a fun activity when your bored. It tought me how to use use it and today, now I know how to use one and do a couple of tricks with it too.
  • First time using technology

    The first time using technology was a bit hard and tricky for me. I thought it was a robot with a big screen and lots of buttons. So the first thing I did with my computer that my cousins gave me was to surf the internet. The internet was a bit confusing at typing random words that I didn't know at first, so I asked my parents to help me and took me to youtube and looked at funny videos. This changed me because it helped me understand the internet and how it is very important when using it.
  • First Xbox I ever got

    I was really suprised about getiing my xbox, the first one ever made, and hoping to get it today. So me and my parents drove me to best buy and we were looking around for it in the game section. The first time I saw it, I was amazed at what I was looking at. This changed me because I never knew about videogames and have fun using it and got more inot playing with fun a=things like my own xbox console.
  • First year playing soccer

    This was my first year playing soccer as a kid when I was four years old.This sport changed me because at first I really didn't know any other sports at that time and mostly my uncles and cousins in Mexico play soccer there.I really enjoyed playing it. It was really fun. My first jersey had the number two on it. I also had my first practice and goal. I kicked the ball in the net and scored. There were no goalies in the first season , so that explains all the goals I scored in the season.
  • My first shooting star

    I looked into the dark sky and noticed a fast light cross the sky with its colorful aroma. I had never seen such a thing in the sky that had been so fast and so colorful. Could of have not been a plane or any sort of aircraft. My Mom said it was a shooting star that I saw. I didn't make a wish cause I didn't know what it was. This affected my life because it showed me the many colors of the universe and the sky itself was colorful too.