Final TImeline

  • Birth

    was born
  • Said my first word "dada"

  • Started walking

  • Cognetive

    Remember moving into a new house
  • First day of school

  • Learned how to ride a bike

  • Got into my first fight

    Had a fight with my friend and that taught me alot about trust, friendship, and how relationship work
  • Made my best friend

  • won a competition

    won a fancy dress competition that taught me about competition and participating
  • Moved To America from Africa

  • Started highschool

  • Had my first relationship

  • Got my license

    Felt independent frp the first time.
  • Have a child

  • Open a charitable organization

  • Start donating more

  • Got my trust broken

    Learned to never trust anyone but myself
  • Get into the OT program

    Get accpeted in the occupational theapry program
  • Graduate from school with a degree

  • Find someone special

  • Get married

  • Go on a world tour

  • Have a second child

  • Get my parents a house

  • Buy a big dream house

  • Get a different job

  • Go to Italy and Greece

  • Write a book

  • Learn something new

  • Go on a Faimly trip with my kids

  • Grand children

  • Take a realigious trip to india

  • Give something of mine to all my children and grandchildren

  • Prediction of death