Final Test

  • Period: 3000 BCE to 1500

    Full Timeline

  • Period: 3000 BCE to 1100 BCE

    Bronze age

    A time where people were coming together creating villages and then expanding to even more with increasing technology.
  • 1100 BCE

    Collapse of the bronze age

    Many places were warring and things were chaos as no one could come together and actually share. People were starting dominate and kingdoms were coming out.
  • 1050 BCE

    The iron age

    Where the use of iron came to mind with the use of better tools in all aspects such as war and farming. With war iron would be useful for swords and shields then with farming it would help till the land even better.
  • 264 BCE

    The First Punic war

    A large fight over two land forms which would be Sicily and Corsica. These wars were between Rome and the Carthaginians.
  • 218 BCE

    The Second Punic War

    Yet again Carthage and Rome fight but this time it is Carthage going against Rome on its own land and almost winning. The war taking many years though Rome does come out as victorious.
  • 43 BCE


    When The king died three power hungry politicians took control of Rome and broke it apart. Julius Ceasar, Pompeus Magnus, and Marcus Crassus later then warring and trying to take total control of Rome.
  • Period: 750 to 1400

    Middle Ages

    A time where religion was taking over and in Europe the church had total control over everything. Which then when they had too much control, it ended up becoming their downfall.
  • 1095

    Holy Roman War I-IV

    A series of many different wars which were meant to spread Christianity throughout the world but towards the end of the wars the church became power hungry and ultimately lost touch with the people and lost their own power.
  • 1520

    catholic reformation

    People became very irritated with the church and their power. Other countries were mad with the power that the pope had and the church and became very jealous.