Final proect

  • prenatal

    My mother never smoked she doesn't drink and she has a very healthy diet so as of right now Im off to an excellent start.
  • Prenatal cognitive

    I'm responding wel to my suroundings I'm taking food in well from the placenta, when I was born I weighed 8 pounds and 9 ounces
  • Biosocial baby

    When I was an infant my older siblings would talk to me and play with me which helped me develop my language and motor skills. I started speaking around 6 months like mama dada stuff like this, it wasn’t around till a year I started speaking actual words.
  • cognitive infant

    When I was about a year and a half I was able to respond to other people’s questions and actions, for example my mother told me she would tell me to go put my shoes away in the closet and I would do as she would say. When my mother would tell me were leaving the house I would immediately grab my shoes and jacket.
  • play years psychosocial

    All i care about is having fun and eating chocolate I dont't care about anything else accept my mom!
  • play years Biosociol

    As I was growing up I would argue less when it came to bed time, I over reacted much less I became more understanding to situations. I started to master my motor skills; I had more control over my balance, strength and overall body control. My parents got me a power rangers tri cycle “it was awesome”; I rode it often than I was given a power rangers bike with training wheels. My older siblings always kept me active they always took me to the park; they got me tons of building blocks.
  • play years cognitive

    As I was getting older I remember what my sister Olivia specifically sad “think before you speak”. I recall being extremely consciousness not to fail; I always tried to be the best at whatever I did whenever I lost in anything I would get extremely mad and upset. I would always play basketball, video games and other games with the neighborhood kids whenever I lost it would drive me crazy but as I got older I would try to be calmer about losing and figure out ways to win.
  • School years biosociol

    I'm in the 1'st grade And I have now completed my 1'st lunch trade whic was very succesfull I traded carrots for some pudding. In a fantasy football perspective that would be like trading kyle orton for aaron rodgers
  • School years psychosocial

    I got into trouble at school so they called my house to tell my mother wh owas not pleased and she asked me why I did the dirty deed which I did.
  • School years cognitive

    As a young child i was a slow learner And had some issues with attention. It took me as long time to learn how to read but when i did i took off, I was told In elemntary school I had a high reading level. We did a spelling test every week and I always prepared well for them anyhting less than a 100 percent was failure.
  • Middlechildhood Biosocial

    I'm becoming more intersted in the lady's as time goes on, I've been working on my pick up lines. I've matured earlier than most guys my age I want to talk about girls and they wan to talk about playstation or football.
  • Middlechildhood cognitive

    I always helped my father out around the house with random things like installng cabinets or the electrical. my father taught me how to do car brakes when I was young.
  • Middleschool Psychosocial

    all I care about is football and girls I'm trying to put on weight because I'm so skinny.
  • Middle adulthood biosocial

    I work 60-80 hours a week I really don't have a social life at this point anymore I really only hang out with people I work with I haven't worked out in years. I do the same thing every single day it's extremly routine and boring
  • Middle adulthood cognitive

    I'm completely capable of doing both my jobs, I'm doing ok in school this is my last semester at schoolcraft.
  • Middle adulthood psychosocial

    I try to be thoughtfull towards my family, specifically towards my mother. My sister Olivia's wedding was a few months ago so she misses her. I try to spend more time with her.
  • Adulthood biosociol

    I have just turned 30 years old at this point in my life I have completely finishe school I have a career in the medical field, but preferably childhood dream would like to be a head coach for the university of michiagns football team but I'm realistic and understand that is not going to happen. But in all seriousness I will marry my girlfriend and start a family with her.
  • Adulthood psychosocial

    This is the most balance I've had in years, I have lots of free time to think about my life and whats truly important
  • Adulthood cognitive

    I'm no longer working 60-80 hours a week and no longer in school I picked up weightlifting and running again, my metabolism isn't as it was when I was young. My girlfriend is now my fiancee and were preparing for the wedding.
  • Adulthood 2 biosocial

    I have 3 kids there all wonderful, My relationship with my wife is still positive my kids are doing well with school and my kids are now starting to get into sports.
  • adulthood 2 cognitive

    My wife thinks I'm getting fat so I started excercising again to get back in shape, my son is doing well in football and my daughters are learning the fundamentals of soccer. "I know I'm going to have more girls than boys because every guy in my family has more girls than boys".
  • adulthood 2 psychosocial

    At this point in my life all i think about is my wife and 3 kids they are everything to me
  • Death and Dying

    My kids are doing great my wife is healthy and is still hot. All my kids grew up went to school and are doing succesfull in there careers I've been retired for many years now I'm very satisfied with how I have lived my life and raised my kids, my family has a history of heart problems so now my health has been on the decline for a few years. I'm watching the superbowl with my kids and grandkids, the chargers have finally won and all the joy was too much for my heart and I died of a heart attack.