Family Timeline

By Ryan45
  • Great Grandpa's Immigration To America

    My great grandpa came over from Scotland on a ship named Kaiserin Augusta Victoria. His name was Robert B. Archibald. He was 18 years old. .
  • My Great Grandma's Immigration To America

    My Great Grandma came over from Scotland on a ship called the Cameronia. Her name was Elspeth Archibald. She was 22 years old. .
  • My Grandma Was Born

    My grandma (my Dad's Mom) ,named Nancy Archibald was the daughter of Robert and Elspeth.
  • My Grandparents Marriage

    Nancy Archibald marries Jon A. Foust (my Dad's Dad).
  • My Dad's Birth

    My Dad, Scott Robert Foust, was born.
  • My Dad Marries My Mom

    My Dad, Scott Foust, marries my Mom, Michele Lindley.
  • My Birth

    I, Ryan Scott Foust, was born.