Fabians Timeline

  • 5th grade graduation

    5th grade graduation
    It was the last day of 5th grade and we were all graduating. I loved my friends and had a great time with all of them starting from 1st grade.it seemed like everything was just falling apart and all the fun was being sucked through a black hole. It felt like a new chapter of my life was starting were i didnt know any teachers or any kids. It was a big event because i lost so many friends and was starting in a new school which was a very big step.
  • Moving to Toronto

    Moving to Toronto
    I would say this is the biggest step or event in my life. I moved to a completely different country where i didnt know anyone or anything. leaving my hometown where i was born and had made so many memories had made me emotional when we were leaving our house for the last time. Looking out the window with tears in my eyes looking at all the houses and streets and just thinking im never coming back was a horrible feeling but i was also exited for a whole new chapter of my life to start.
  • Starting Highschool

    Starting Highschool
    Starting highschool was very scary but also very exiting. Its all i was getting ready for during middleschool and all people talked about was going to highschool and how different everything was going to be. How it was going to be so hard and the teachers were going to be so strict. All I thought about was how im going to get along with new teachers and how everything was going to be. Waking up from my bed and just thinking to myself im going to be in highschool in 30 days was a scary thought
  • life during covid

    life during covid
    This was a very interesting part of my life because everything was so weird and un normal. I was living in an apartment at the time which meant leaving my apartment and stepping outside was very rare. Everything was put on pause to hanging out with friends to playing basketball to going to school. I stopped playing basketball and was only talking to friends and family through the phone. Even if i went outside it was like a ghost town. Everything was empty from streets to stores.
  • school during lockdown

    school during lockdown
    School during lockdown was very bad but very good at the same time. Being able to do whatever i want while still being in "class" was something very different. I could wear whatever i want or eat whatever i want without someone tell me what. I could go to the bathroom whenever and there was so much freedom. I could play video games or be asleep while still being in class and i wasnt getting in trouble for it. After a couple months it was getting boring to where i wanted to be back in person
  • Going to Puerto Rico

    Going to Puerto Rico
    This trip was the first big trip since lockdown. The whole year everyone was stuck in their homes and after lockdown was lifted the everyone was traveling during the summer. Everyone was so sick of being home and everyone needed a vacation. Me and my family decided to go to Puerto Rico. This was my first time ever going there despite me being half Puerto Rican. During this trip it was very new from seeing Chickens , Horses and Iguanas were seen in the streets as it is something normal there.
  • Basketball Season

    Basketball Season
    It was around november of sophomore year where the basketball season started. I was super nervous because this was the first time i was on a team since 8th grade because of covid. A whole new level of basketball just thrown right in front of me. I was a sophomore on varsity because i was always older for my grade and I wasn't able to be on jv because of my age. Practices were very hard and draining because i wasnt in shape and have done much physical activity in about 8 months.
  • learning how to drive

    learning how to drive
    at this time i just turned 16 and i was able to get my permit. I took the test and passed. I was so exited now that i was able to drive with my parents in the car but first i needed to learn how to drive. I was first learning how to steer in a target parking lot. At first i was bad and thought to myself i would never become good at this. My dad and I were practicing often and i was getting better by the days. soon enough i drove on the street for the first time and my hands were sweating so much
  • Moving to Brewster

    Moving to Brewster
    This was a big event in my life. I was leaving all of my friends and family i had in Toronto. I never wanted to leave and loved it there. Moving yet again to somewhere completely different and having no friends at all. I was wishing we were never leaving and it was like a nightmare. Everyday getting closer to moving day was so terrifying. Boxes all over the house and everything being packed up in my room was bringing tears to my eyes just thinking about leaving the place i loved
  • Senior year

    Senior year
    Senior year came by so fast. I remember like it was last month i was starting highschool. I have met amazing people on the way and have made amazing memories. I am now looking at colleges and getting everything in order to be able to graduate. Time has flown by ever since the first day of highschool and sooner or later it will be june and i will be getting ready to graduate. Hopefully I will be going to a good college and have a great time once i am done with highschool.