Events that Influenced my life!!!!!

  • The day I was BORN!!

    14.12.1997 Shenae Kade Knight was born at 4.9 kilos with pitch black hair and perfect green eyes.
  • Day Care

    I started Day Care with Katrina, it was more family day care but I was with many others as well. I remember having Macca's once and I ate a pickle and I hated it!! :(
  • Moving House to Glen Waverley

    Moving house from our 2 story house to a little house in Windella Crescent in Glen Waverley...
  • First Day of Kinder

    It was my first day of kinder and I was so excited to meet new people... Because I was so used to being around others that were older than me, I wanted to meet someone to meet and make friends with that was my own age!! :)
  • First Day of Primary School

    It was my first day of primary school and I had just started Prep. I was already wearing my uniform around and I was so so excited for the day!!!!
  • Moving Schools form Glen Waverley to Cranbourne West Primary

    We were thinking of moving me down to Cranbourne West Primary for ages because it would be easier for everyone, but I wasnt so sure because all my friends were there and I didnt want to leave... My first day went well and I made friends quickly and even people fought over me as a new friend and I started to love it there!!!

    Graduation from primary school was always special but this time it was different it was on my birthday so it was very special for me. I got all dressed up and I went to collect my award and that was it and then I was finally finished primary school!!!!!!!

    We were crossing the road when this car comes out of nowhere and hits mum off the road and in the air for 3 metres. People rang an ambulance and they arrived and said she had to go to hospital. I was a mix of screaming and crying and this was lasting for several weeks. She was in hospital for 3 weeks and it devastated everyone. She fractured her wrist and it still isnt back to normal yet...

    Be yourself, everyone else is already taken...