Events that influenced me

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    Major events in my life

  • Farah enters the World!

    Born at 11:00pm GMT-4 hours in Santiago, Chile.
  • Left New York and landed in Malaysia for the first time.

    Right before my sister's birthday (May 15th 2001), we left New York and for my parents, it was heading back to Malaysia but for me it was the first time visiting my so called Home Country. We had a 1 week stop at South Africa during the trip making it so that I've been to three countries before my actual Home Country.
  • Moved to Japan (First Time)

    After meeting my grandparents and the most of my relatives, we moved to Japan for the first time. My dad was studying there and that was where I met a friend that's been with me until now. Their whole family has been in touch with our family and until now we've been friends nevertheless how much we've all changed.
  • Started 1st Grade

    Started 1st Grade in a local Malaysian School (SKP11 (4) was what it was called when I first joined, after a couple of years it changed to SKP11/1).
  • Moved to Japan (Second Time)

    Right before my 8th Birthday, my dad got posted to Japan and we all moved there. I only got to be in 2nd Grade for 3 weeks. We moved into an aparmtent building that was a residence made for malaysians working for the Malaysian Embassy.
  • Started School in SIS

    Seisen International School (SIS) was an all girls, american systemed, heavy on catholism international school in Tokyo Japan.
    Because I was only in 2nd grade for 3 weeks before I joined SIS, I only got to go to 2nd grade for 5 months before starting 3rd grade. SIS's education was very advanced as to what I already leant causing me to have had one emotional breakdown under the stress of being very behind in terms of academics and being very alien to the environment of an international school.
  • Started School in SIS

    Because we lived in Japan and there was about 5 other girls much older than me living in the residence went to SIS, I got to take the train to school. To walk to school and buy a ticket and get on the train on time and walk from the station to the school was kind of a big thing for a 8 year old in a foreign country and that is one pretty big thing that happened to me.
  • Books!

    Every other Thursday, it was required for all elementary students to go to Mass (Church) but since I was a muslim, I would sit it out at the library. It was where I first fell in love with books and started reading and how I would always get surrounded by books all the time and just reading!
  • Started 3rd Grade

    3rd Grade was the year where I really worked my best in terms of studying. The teacher was one of my favourite as she gave us ice cream to whoever did the extra work. I improved in all my field of studies and it really changed me academically.
  • Started 4th Grade

    4th grade was the best year for me because a lot of things happened - joined the Sakura Bowl (A reading club), met Margaux (The closest person I can call a best friend).
    It was also a really good year because I really liked my teacher and she made it so that our class order was based on our first name and I got to be number 3 rather than the last (27)
  • Ex Queen visited our house!

    Also, some time in 4th Grade, the ex-ex queen of Malaysia came to Japan for a vist and they came to our house. My sister just finished showering and she was wearing her towel, dripping wet went to meet the queen. Before my mum or dad could stop her, she asked my mum, "Mama, is she chinese?". The queen simply laughed and gave my sister 50RM (wasn't much in Japan). That however, made me realise no matter how high your rank is in society, you're still a human being and its alright.
  • School Festival!

    For the first and last time ever, I got to to go the school festival through the train on my own. It was a really exciting exprience and I really felt in charge of myself and indepent and just wow.
  • Harry Potter and Percy Jackson

    Started reading Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson series and have continued to ever since. One of the best series ever.
  • Going to Nexus

    It was the end of summer holidays and the start of my time in Nexus, up to now (6th of February 2013) Loads have happened to me thanks to Nexus. I've joined the school's badminton team, debate, and there is a couple of other in consideration and if these things haven't shaped me up to be the Farah I am now, I don't know what does.
  • Moving back to Malaysia

    The day we headed back to Malaysia. Right before that was my last day in SIS ever. It was saddening.