Events That Impacted My Life

Timeline created by jajones240
  • Sisterly Love

    Sisterly Love
    My sister and I have always been close, but without her I wouldn't know what to do. Looking back at pictures I reflect on how much she taught me even when I was really little.
  • My Favorite Trophy

    My Favorite Trophy
    This was the day I received my favorite trophy I have ever been given. It was my Most Christ Like trophy. This alone inspired me to live my life through Christ and know that if I work hard he will always be behind me.
  • The Day I Got Baptized

    The Day I Got Baptized
    This was the day that I was baptized in my church and It has made a huge impact in my life.
  • The summer I met my best friend

    The summer I met my best friend
    This is Megan, She has become one of my best friends since the day we met. She has always been there for me even if we weren't on the same team. She taught me to try my best and if I don't succeed then to just keep trying.
  • The day I lost my grandma

    The day I lost my grandma
    The day I lost my memaw was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. My Memaw was an amazing person who taught me to be kind to others and they will be kind to you.
  • My Sister's Graduation

    My Sister's Graduation
    This day impacted my life simply because I was about to start my Freshman year of college and when I saw my sister walk across the stage I knew that I wanted to do all I could do to not only make my parents proud but my sister as well.
  • My Graduation

    My Graduation
    This is the last time I ever saw several people from my class. As I look back it makes me appriciate the people that I encounter.
  • Becoming a Role Model

    Becoming a Role Model
    This was the event in my life that I realized that not only were little kids looking up to me, but they truely were watching my every move. Thankfully I can say that I made great choices in my life that have led younger girls to make some amazing decisions in their life as well.
  • My Sister's Wedding

    My Sister's Wedding
    The day my sister married her best friend and now husband was a happy, but sad day for me. I love that my sister found the love of her life, but it was hard to watch her move out of the house.
  • 10 inches gone!

    10 inches gone!
    This is the day I chopped my hair off to locks of love. I have seen so many important woman in my life who have to get wigs and I felt that this was a way i could give back to not only them, but help others as well