events of my life

Timeline created by hannah666
  • birthday

    in this year i was born
  • slept all through the night

  • went on to solids

    went on to solids for the first time
  • crawling

    i crawled for the first time !
  • started walking

    started walking
  • was potty trained

    i no longer needed a nappy
  • said first words

    said first words
    started to string whole sentences together
  • started primary school

    i joined Glebe Primary school in Fenton
  • got my first homework

    i got my first bit of homework it was spelling
  • my fist ever primary school production !

    i played a part deaf nan. my main lines were "did some one say a cup of tea?"
  • started proforming arts

    i started proforming arts. My first song was you cant stop the beat by hair spray, my first dance was to greace lighting (greace) and my first piece of propper acting was in oliver twist. Where i played the artfull dodger.
  • finished all my primary school learning

    this was my last day of primary. we all came out of school with our shirts covered in notes from people with in the school. i miss it lots and lots !!!!!!!!!!!1
  • started high school

  • i smiled and ment it for first time in 2 years

    i smiled and ment it for first time in 2 years
    i hadnt smiled for while because of my dad. so when i smile around family, its a special event
  • joined 5 towns theatre

    joined 5 towns theatre
    the rehursals of guys and dolls started
  • drama production started

  • end of production

    end of production
    i got lots of prezzies
  • drama party

    drama party
    I weant the party with a friend called rhiannon
  • auditions for BOOGIE NIGHTS !!!!!!!!!!