Darfur children sit under tree

Events in Darfur

  • Sudan Gains Indepedence

    Sudan Gains Indepedence
    This is an iconic Sudanese picture, of the flag of Sudan being raised in its independence ceremony. Prior to this date, the area of Sudan was under British-Egyptian rule.
  • Period: to

    First Sudanese Civil War

    The first Sudanese Civil War was fought by South Sudanese rebels, called Anyanyas. The war, sometimes called the Anyanya movement, resulted in the South becoming a self governing region.
  • Islamic Law Imposed

    Islamic Law Imposed
    Under the rule of President Nimeiri, and in hope of Islamicization, punishments from Islamic Law were incorperated into the federal law. The punishments, which included amputations and public lashings for various crimes, recieved extreme disapproval, even from many Muslims.
  • Period: to

    Severe Drought in Sudan

    This was a terrible drought that devastated Sudan. Government neglect made some groups feel spiteful.
  • President Nimeiri Deposed

    President Nimeiri Deposed
    Nimeiri (image to the left), while outside of Sudan, was overthrown by a popular uprising in Sudan's capitol, Khartoum. A Sudanese General, Suwar al-Dahab, then headed the Military Council which would run Sudan. The new president put the 1983 constitution out of use.
  • Sudan Begins Oil Exportation

    Sudan Begins Oil Exportation
    Once Sudan started exporting oil, its GDP greatly increased, and its government more powerful.
  • Uprisings Begin

    Uprisings Begin
    The natives in Darfur felt neglected by the government in Khartoum; nomads were attacking them constantly, and the government had no response. Two main groups began protesting Khartoum, the SLA (Sudan Liberation Army) and the JEM (Justice and Equality Movement, their leader depicted to the left). The government in turn unleashed the Janjaweed.
  • South Sudan Gains Independence

    South Sudan Gains Independence
    After conflict with the rest of Sudan since its existence, South Sudan finally gained independence. This allows the government to withdraw their attention from the south, to Darfur.