important events of my life

Timeline created by camila y eliza
  • travel to my grandparents' new home

    My grandparents waited a long time to buy a farm in the country until I succeeded and to this day it has been a well-known restaurant in a town called Repelon
  • my older sister is 15 years old

    To weigh up, we sang happy birthday to him and we prepared the breakfast that we prepared after that in the afternoon they brought him the mariachis
  • my gaduacion of the primary

    The day of my graduation I woke up very excited because I was going to graduate from elementary school, I arrived at the event where I was going to graduate, the time came where I would name my course and then I heard how they said my name, I did not have so many emotions in me life and at that time one of those feelings was pride after finishing the appointments with some colleagues and I gave a chou where we danced
  • get to be in the normal runbon

    That day there was an event at the school and before that I had already been interested in the dance one day the auditions were opened and I participated and I won it and currently I am in the runbon