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event in zack g life

By zackg6
  • Zachary G was born

    Zachary G was born
    zachary was born in casyville hpspital at 3:15
  • Period: to

    zacks timeline

  • zacks first walk

    zacks first walk
    i took my first steps but i was only a few
  • zack's frist ride

    zack's frist ride
    i took my first ride on a bike with traning wheels
  • zacks best birthday party

    zacks best birthday party
    i had my best birthday party at in school in kindergarten
  • Six flags

    Six flags
    i went to six flags with my cousins for the first time. got on my first ride too.
  • my first girlfriend

    my first girlfriend
    first girlfriend name was katlin
  • carlyle beach

    carlyle beach
    i went to carlyle beach with my cousins
  • gaming

    i got my first game console
  • vacation time

    i went to chicago
  • Summer time

    Summer time
    he best summer i ever had. i learned how to swim. had girl friends. hang with my best friend.
  • basketball

    played in my first basketball game. it was aginst east saint louis. i was super ashy
  • driving

    i drove my moms car for the first time.