european history timeline: from the fall of rome to the french revolution

  • Period: to

    the enlightenment

    this is a timeline of when some of the most important philosophers created their theorys and novels explaining their theorys
  • the leviathan is published

    thomas hobbes book of philosophy, this book is known for its belief that all humans are born evil, was well known for its darker beliefs and terms.
  • candide is published

    one of the more famous books created, this is voltaires novella, using satire in order to state his opinions on things humorously. it was also able to make good points on monarchy, and was believed to have a large impact on starting the french revolution
  • of the social contract released

    by jean-jaques rousseau, this book states that all humans are born blank, and that they are not naturally good or bad at birth. it stated that all men should have a say in law and justice, and the constitution was formed using these ideas.
  • the estates general and tennis court oath

    After economic weakness, political intolerance, and famine, the king declared the estates general, a meeting of the three estates (the clergy, the nobility, and common-wealth) to make agreements and state their opinions. however, this turned out to be a terrible mistake, as the third estate gave heavy demands, and rioting was carried within. they were kicked out of the estates general, and they carried out the tennis court oath, where members of the third estate agreed to declare civil war.
  • Period: to

    the french revolution

    starting with the estates general, the long abused third class formed to create the national assembly, leading to ten years of brutal war, leading to many, many, deaths.
  • the storming of the bastille

    after the signing of the tennis court oath, mobs of people fought ffor the bastille, to get weapons and free unrightly prisoned captives. the bastille fell, and it marked the start of the violent years of the revolution