Europe Middle Ages Timeline

  • 476

    The Fall of Rome

    The frst event is the Fall of Rome. The fall of Rome was when the Roman empire started to fall apart. The things that caused the fall of Rome was that Rome was sacked by a German tribe. Because of this peaople did not feel safe to travel, people were not protected anymore, and trade and movement increased so people didn't want to work for nothing. The Dark Ages were caused because of the Fall of Rome.
  • 500

    The Catholic Church is in Charge

    The event is when the Catholic church took charge after the fall of Rome, its also considered the dark ages. The Fall of Rome caused it, and it led to all people believing that if you disagree with the catholic church you disagree with god. Most people didnt have a bible, so they had to believe with what the church said.
  • Sep 26, 700


    Feaudilism was when kings and nobles wanted to make sure it was easy to keep power. For example, you had to be born a son or daugter of a king to be able to rule the land. The thing that caused Feaudalism was when people in barbaric tribes attacked villages causing people to build wall an moats around their land. It caused their to be kings and queen for almost every village.
  • Sep 26, 1100

    The Crusades

    The Crusades were when the Muslims took over the Holy Land, also, the Muslims taking over the Holy Land is what caused the Crusades. Some things that the Crusades led to were the Renaissance, trade increased, people began to feel safe enough to travel, and Feudalism weakens.
  • Jan 1, 1200

    Feudilisim weakens

    When feudilisim becomes un-needed and kings start to gain power. It led to more countrys being established, and caused more countrys to compete for land.
  • Jan 1, 1350

    The Renaissance

    The Renaissance is when the Bubonic Plage killed every 1 in 3 people in europe. It led to more jobs but not enough people to fill them.The Crusades were also a cause of the Renaissance.
  • Charlemange

    Charlamange is a person who was famous for having the biggest terified empire during the middle ages. WHat caused him to be the most feared ruler was when his grandfather stapped the muslims from taking over Europe in the battle of tours.