Europe In The Middle Ages

By tori&ty
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    Fall of Rome

    -Fall of Rome caused the Dark Ages
    -Rome was destroyed by a Germainc tribe
    -Land that was proteced by Roman military wasn't protected anymore
    -People didn't feel safe to travel
    -ended 476
    -Trade, Income, money, and wealth all decreased
    -No common currancy thats why some countries use pasos and others use things like the dollar
  • 500

    Roman Empire is the Greatest in the World

    -Rome provided safety for all the lands they owned.
    -Rome was VERYrespectful to the greeks by letting them continue using their languages and triditions ect.
    -BIGGEST Empire of all time
    -Jesus was born here
    -Ended 476
    -Built roads spoke Latin Republic Government callender that we have today and built water bridges
    -Roman Empire:Spain, France, Africa, Portugal, Arabia, Turkey, Greece, England
  • 500

    Cathlioc church is in Charge

    -Biggest+Best= RULER!
    -Might makes Right
    -Land of Bullies
    -No unity or order...just bullies
    -Ended 1500
    -Cathlioc Church is christian
    -Said they where the voice of God... If you dissagree with the cathlioc church you dissagree with God.
    -Hell was used as a fear mechanism
    --People couldn't read/own a bible so they didn't know if the Cathlioc Church is right
    -You could get yourself out Perfgatory by buying an indulgance from the pope.
    -ended 1500
  • Jan 1, 700


    -Barbarric trives attack.
    -People built walls around your city
    -Kings/Nobels wanted to insure power = FEUDILISM!
    -Kings where apponted by God
    -Nobles had to be in the blood line
    -Over all people had a poor, sad, lonely
    -Ended 1200
  • Jan 1, 1100

    The Crusades

    -Caused Muslims take over holy land (Jerusalem)
    -Islam=holy land-Isreal
    -Christianity leader is Jesus, he was from Isreal. 3 religions= Christianity, Islam, and Judisiam
    -Effects are Trade increases
    -People feel safe to travel and leave
    -No more workin for a Lord..I AINT NO SERF!
    -Muslims preserved Greek and Roman writing so they began to relearn
    -Ended 1300
  • Jan 1, 1400

    The Renissance

    -"rebirth" of the Greek and Roman era.
    -Era for cultural achievements in art litterature ect.
    -Martin Luther corrected the Cathlioc church on Indulgments.
    -Trade with Asia
  • Jan 1, 1450

    The Printing Press

    -Gutenburg of Germany made it
    -Printed more books and where cheaper because they didnt take as long to make
    -Most printed book was the Bible
    -Martin Luther read scripture and found that the Cathlioc Church cant sell salvation.
    -Caused The Protestant Reformation
  • Sep 26, 1517

    The Protestant Reformation

    -Seperated into Protestants and Cathliocs
    -Martin Luther protested against the Cathlioc Church who was selling Indulgances for salvation
    -Re-stated that anyone no matter how rich or poor could become a Christian
    -People had bibles and could then believe what they want about it.
    -Ended 1600
  • Charlemagne

    -Grandpa stopped Muslim Invasion in th Battle of the Tours
    -Ended 814