ES-French Revolution

  • Tennis Court Oath

    When the 3rd estate came to meet for the Estates General and found their room locked they moved to a near by tennis court and stated they wouldnt move untill a new constitution is written. They named themselves the National Assembly. This was the first act dyfing the king.
  • Storming of the Bastille

    The people attacked the Bastille for gunpowder for their revolt. They tore into the guards tearing them apart. The leader after he surrendered was stabbed, shot and his head was put on a pike. This was the first violent event of the revolution.
  • Declaration of the Rights of Man

    With the Declaration of the Rights of Man the National Assembly came into power. Under the Declaration the classes were abolished, they bascially got rid of the king, there was freedon of speach, equal rights for all men and justice under just laws for all. This act gave rights to the people.
  • March to Versailles

    Women were fed up with not being able to buy food especially bread so they decided to take their complaints to the king. The fish ladys who were very muscular stormed the castle they were after the queen. Guards were killed. The queen managed to just slip away to her husbands chambers. Roughly 20,000 people camped out and then 60,000 forced the king to leave to paris. They surrounded the carrage with the guards heads on pikes in front. This event forces the king to do what the people want.
  • Period: to

    ES-French Revolution

  • Attacks on prisons

    The people attacked the prisons to kill all the people thought to be supporters of the king. Priests were disembound and women were raped and masacured. More than 16,000 ended up dead. This event proved the poeple couldnt handle the revolution on their own, they were clearly out of control.
  • Louis's Trial

    Louis was tried as a citizen. Not all of the people voted for the king to be killed but most did and so he was sent to the guillotine and beheaded. The end of the king marks the ultimate victory for the revolutionaries.
  • The Terror

    Robespierre in power had become a new man. He supended the new constitution, had secert police, and accused everyone of being against the revolution. Everyone acussed were beheaded, This caused all of france to live in fear of everyone.
  • Robespierre's Death

    Robespierre had lost it. He might have actually thought he himself was a god. He came to the commite saying he had a new list of traders, but would not say who. When he came back the next day he was arrested. He attempted to kill himself but only shot himself in the jaw. The people hope by kiling him it would end the terror. This event is significant because it ended the terror. He was the head of all the killing and now he's gone. There was then a period of uncertanty.