Erik Erikson Timeline- Ryan Hoctor

Timeline created by ryanhh
  • Trust

    I trusted my mom more, but only because I spent more time with her. I never struggled with separation or stranger anxiety and trusted babysitters and family that took care of me.
  • Autonomy

    I rarely threw tantrums and was pretty chill. My parents would also let me do a lot of things for myself and I would help them with tasks. I was normally rewarded by sweet treats or getting to stay up later, and punished by time out.
  • Initiative

    In this stage I was caring and liked to help, especially because I was a big sister now. I wasn't bossy in a controlling way but in a way I felt like I was helping. I was also good at sharing. I said that I wanted to be a teacher or a "kid doctor" when I grew up.
  • Industry

    I was more laid back, thoughtful, and helpful then my siblings and would always tell them how to do things. I did specific activities because it is what my parents signed me up for so I tried everything (dance, cheer, soccer, volleyball...). My parents said that I always had a lot of confidence in what I was doing but as I grew up I remember comparing myself to others and doing a bunch of different things because I couldn't find one I was really good at.
  • Role Confusion

    Role Confusion
    This is the time I can most remember reflecting on my self-concept. I struggled a lot with friends and had trouble trying to find my place.
  • Identity

    At this point I think I have found my identity and feel comfortable in my role.
  • Intimacy

    I can definitely see myself married and with kids in the future. I also don't see myself having commitment issues because I am very loyal and value family a lot.
  • Generativity

    I think if I have a midlife crisis it will be when I get overwhelmed and make a change in my career or hobby.
  • Integrity

    I think I will have accomplished everything I want to by this time in my life because I am very motivated and goal oriented.
  • Period: to

    TRUST vs. MISTRUST (birth-1)

    -Attachment with caregivers and others around you
    -Security “Who can I trust?"
  • Period: to


    Independence “NO! I wanna do it by myself”
    Own ideas and opinions but no one lets them do it
  • Period: to

    INITIATIVE vs. GUILT (3-6)

    -Leadership “I have an Idea”
    -What you want to be when you grow up, I want to play a game ,who wants to play with me, unique creative ideas
  • Period: to

    INDUSTRY vs. INFERIORITY (6-puberty)

    -Pride “What am I good at?”
  • Period: to

    IDENTITY vs. ROLE CONFUSION (Adolescence)

    -Me “Who am I and Where am I going?”
  • Period: to

    INTIMACY vs. ISOLATION (young adulthood)

    -Relationships “Who will I share my life with?”
  • Period: to

    GENERALITY vs. SELF ABSORPTION (Middle Adulthood)

    -Productivity “Am I generating something of value?”
  • Period: to

    INTEGRITY vs. DESPAIR (senior adulthood)

    -Reflection -“Have I lived a full life?”