Eric LeGrand

Timeline created by cgood34
  • Birthdate

    The precious day when my beutiful mom gave birth to me
  • Playing football

    Playing football with my neighborhood friends!
  • Made my first peewee football team

    Played my first game the other day. I scored three rushing tuchdowns leading my team to victory
  • Midgets football problem

    I am weighing 15 pounds over the weight limit for midgets so I will have to play in the next level if I don't lose weight
  • Problem Fixed

    I had Lost 15 pounds to play in my current level for midgets football. It was a lot of hardwork and training, but I think it was worth it.
  • High School Football

    I have made my high school football team! One problem is that the coaches think that I am to big to play running back so they moved me to linebacker.
  • College Descision

    College Descision
    It is near the end of my high school career and time for me to make my college descision. I decided to go to Rutgers University and play football.
  • First Game

    It is my first game for a new team. The Rutger's coaches beleive that i should play on the kickoff team. I am up for any thing that involves me having more playing time
  • The incident

    The incident
    It was the beginning kick off of the game when we were playing Army. I rushed down the field with full speed and I hit the guy with the ball hard. After the hit I tried to get up and I could not move at all.
  • Hospital

    I was rushed to the hospital immediatley after the hit. The next day the doctor came into the room and told me that I have a serious spinal cord injury. Which means that I would be paralyzed. From then on my whole life would be changed.
  • Rehab

    I am starting rehab today. Today I am working to get my legs stronger. The doctors says that I won't to be able to walk again, but I am determined to do the impossible.
  • Dream is complete

    Dream is complete
    On this day my dream was complete by getting signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I thought that my injury would hold me back for fulfilling my dream, but it hasn't. Big thanks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization for letting me obtain my dream.