english class

Timeline created by minilari
  • the weather

    the weather
    in that content we talk about weathers, for exemple : sunny, cold, snowy, among others.
  • natural disasters

    natural disasters
    in that content we talk about the natural disasters. We study existing types of n.d., like: earthquake, hurricane, flood, avalanche, etc. And we talk about how it can affect people as a whole.
  • Adventure sports and activities

    Adventure sports and activities
    in that content we talk about adventure sports and activities, we could see exemples of these, like: go snowboarding, do parkour, do a BASE jump, etc. in a class we form groups and creating one sports (mixing or even creating). It was fun :) !
  • -ed and -ing adjectives

    in that content we talk about -ed and -ing adjectives, for exemple, we learn text about Helen Skelton and after then circle the correct words in the text and as a group we compare our responses. addendum: at the beginning I didn't understand it very well but in the end I got it :). I understand that we use -ed to describe how people feel at given moment and -ing for situations or what is happening to people.
  • Notice

    in that content we talk about notice generally. in groups we create our report / news.