Emma's life

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  • My birth

    I was born at the sant Joan de deu hospital in Barcelona,
    my mother told me that it was a very hot summer day and that she had a very bad time.
  • We move to Bilbao

    I and my family went to live in Bilbao, which is the city where my mother comes from
  • We return to barcelona

    My mother couldn't pup up with the rainy weather of Bilbao so she convinced my father to return to Barcelona, ​​where they already had the house where they previously lived.
  • My sister's birth

    My sister and I took 5 years, she never got to live in Bilbao
  • My parents broke their relationship

    The truth is that I didn't care too much hhahahaha
  • I finished elementary school

    I finished primary school at Sant Marti school in Poblenou
  • Start high school

    I started high school at the Icaria School
  • Today

    Today is a normal day in my normal life, is 11/12/19