EML- French Revolution

  • Estates General

    King Louis the 16th, called the 3 estates to meet - 1st and 2nd ganged up on the 3rd estate; influencing the 3rd estate, in a very negative way. So they called for their own meeting. Doors were locked, because the kind did not care for their opinions. Signifigance: These events ed to the Tennnis Court Oath, the 1st time group that was heavily opresses, stood up ad rebelled.
  • Storming The Bastille

    Citizens of France, needed GunPowder to successfully fight in the upcoming rebellion; so they saw it fit to raid the prison of Bastille - Where the Government kept it's surplus supply of GunPowder. Signifignce: Literally THE event that started the revolution;- without that GunPowder, france would still be a monarchy.
  • Declaration of Rights of Man

    This was when the National Assembly seized all the power; lacked substace, most of the things they said woud happen, never did. There was still torture, still no equality to be found - the rich got richer, and the poor, got poorer. Signifigance: These Enlightened Ideals, brought some sense of justice, and equality amoungst the people.
  • March of Versailles

    The king sat upon his throne, and feasted - as per usual. Just like every other day. This al Chaged, Oct 5, 1789. First.. he Heard the marching of feet in the distance... than came the foul stench of rotting fish. And finally.. they were upon him. a Legion of pissed off Women, ready seperate the king's head, from his fat little frame. Signifigance: This was when the King, surrendered - inevitably met their demands, to return to Paris - or face a likely death. So he did return, as a prisoner.
  • Period: to

    EML -French Revolution

  • Septmber Massacres

    Massacres occured all over Fance, during this time. The land was drenched in the blood of the innocent, and from this - grew a great evil. All the fear, all the chaos - exploded into one horrific incident that lasted for days; Women were raped, Priests were disembowled - just lots of slaughter. Signifigance: This shows how, there much be some form of order - without that, people woul run rampant and everyone would be raping eachother.
  • Tril of Lois the 16th

    Louis, was never a populr king, very selfish - not proacive at all.. Just never helped anyone but, himself. So it does not suprise me, when I find out he was executed shortly after his capture. He stood trial, for treason against his fellow countrymen, and faced the guillotine. Signifigance: The symbolic beginning of the French Revoution; they also had to remove any chance, of another rebellion starting in his name.
  • The Terror

    After the execution of King Louis, Robespierre, took reign of the country - drove it right into the ground. Any hint of treachory - even rumors, resulted in execution. He was a Power Hungry, Self-Rightious - and Pompous, little Man. Signifigance: Caused Widespread panic amoungst the French, and people turned on one anoher like rabid monkeys. No One, was safe in these dark times.
  • Robespierre's Death

    Rbspierre, Set out with the best of intetions in his heart but, hs actions proved that, any one man, will be corrupted b Power. This s why he d to die; so that the people under his rule, no longer had to live in fear. Signifignance: With the death of this tyrant, France was finally abe to obtain the liberties they sought, and fought for - when Louis was king. shame so many had to die.